Don’t Fear The Govt. Reaper?


The above chart sums up how Ezekiel Emanuel, health advisor to Barack Obama and brother of Chicago Mayor and previous Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, feels about people in relation to receiving healthcare.

The chart was contained in Emanuel’s article “Principles for Allocation of Scarce Medical Interventions” which appeared in the British medical journal Lancet, January 31, 2009

Although written in academic language it is the type of thinking which is harrowing and can be interpreted as a slippery slope leading towards our very own version of Joseph Mengele, notorious SS Nazi doctor.  It was Mengele who decided which people would be put to work in labor camps, which souls would be gassed to death, and who would be utilized as guinea pigs for his cruel and unusual medical experiments.

To sum up Emanuel’s thought process if you are under the age 15 you haven’t received the proper “investments” to be productive to society. Conversely, after hitting the age 40 you have reached a point of diminishing returns to society and no longer hold value to the collective.

To think Sarah Palin was ridiculed repeatedly when she said years ago The Affordable Care Act commonly referred to as Obamacare will lead to the creation of “death panels!” How silly does Ted Cruz look now? Perhaps he made sense when he spoke for over 21 hours non-stop on the Senate floor about the danger of Obamacare to the American People.

The question of rationing care to benefit the stronger members of society while denying care to the weaker ones is not one to be made by bureaucrats in Washington D.C. These decisions need be made by health care professionals and family members.

Obamacare has kicked off to be an utter disaster…this should surprise no one if you were paying attention.  To hear that only 6 people signed up for coverage on the first day is comical if it weren’t true.  What bothers me is we just had a round of congressional questions with HHS Sebelius which served little benefit to the American People.  Basically every question posed to the secretary pertained to the embarrassment of an overpriced website that cost taxpayers over $600 million dollars and continually crashes. That was the conservative cost for just the website!!! We would have been better off had the government sent out checks in the amount of $2 million dollars to every American citizen and told them to work out their own healthcare!

Rather than focusing solely on IT issues we need to focus on what’s contained in this hellacious piece of legislation that will give total control to the federal government, cause economic hardship to the economy and lead to millions of Americans losing healthcare coverage they purchased direct with the insurers.

Never one to level with the American People, President Obama and his spokesman Jay Carney tell bold faced lies stating it’s the health care companies who are causing the massive cancellations, when in fact it is because of regulations attached to the Affordable Care Act that force ensures to cancel policies.

We have already seen this administration take away our liberties whether it be spying on us with impunity via the NSA, IRS targeting conservative and religious groups for audits, a Department of Justice enforcing laws that fit a political agenda not whether or not they are constitutional…for God’s sake will we draw the line when it comes to surrendering to government control of our healthcare???

Wake up friends we are truly living in historic times.  Are you going to sit back and allow your freedoms to be taking away on a daily basis? Are you willing to fight for constitutional conservative representatives who will repeal Obamacare and replace RINOS and Democrats alike?

Stand up and be heard and let’s vote the progressive statists from both political parties out of office!


About John Conrad

World travelled conservative fed up with lies from the main stream media. Anti-Statism, Anti-Progressive, Anti-Sharia. We Must Reverse The Course The Country Is On! Choose Liberty Over Tyranny! Follow me on Twitter; @JohnnyBKK67


One thought on “Don’t Fear The Govt. Reaper?

  1. Amen!

    Posted by Linus | November 1, 2013, 8:26 pm

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