Rand Paul, “misogynist”

Savannah Guthrie asked Rand Paul one of those minute-long leading questions that lazy reporters looking for too specific an answer sometimes ask. Rand Paul corrected her, now he’s a misogynist.

“You have had views on foreign policy in the past that were somewhat unorthodox, but you seem to have changed over the years,” Guthrie told the Kentucky senator, who just announced his run for presidency. “You once said Iran was not a threat, now you say it is. You once proposed ending foreign aid to Israel, now you support it, at least for the time being. And you once offered to drastically cut…”

As Paul interjected and Guthrie attempted to finish her question, the two spoke at the same time.

“Why don’t we let me explain instead of talking over me, okay?” said Paul. “Before we go through a litany of things you say I’ve changed on, why don’t you ask me a question: Have I changed my opinion?”

This is television, which is as superficial a format as it gets. There’s no time to explain anything. Recall Ed Schultz cutting Ryan T. Anderson’s mic. That’s what happens when you try to talk logically to a liberal. Ideologically conforming sound bytes is what the producers want.

The fact that liberals came up with a narrative of misogyny from a single data point—in which Guthrie got what she had coming—demonstrates what dishonest hacks they are. So what does Paul do? He overreacts to the offended womyn and sends out his wife to defend his reputation. Headline: “Rand Paul’s wife defends his “relationships with women” on ‘Today.’” Uh-huh. And later in the program, our in-house psychologist tells us whether Mrs. Paul shows symptoms of battered wife syndrome.

This is a classic, shoot-yourself-in-the-foot, Republican move, likely urged by Paul’s establishmentarian campaign managers and consultants. It wouldn’t be pathetic if the people Paul was trying to convince were fair and open-minded. They’re not, so why does he debase himself, legitimizing the charge by answering it? You don’t win by making yourself liked by these people. You win by destroying them, politically.



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