Barack Obama, Same-sex Marriage

Obama’s need to dissemble

David Axelrod’s new book Believerà la Eric Hoffer—paints Barack Obama as torn between his liberal ideals and lying his pants off during the 2008 election. Axelrod claims Obama always believed in redefining marriage, and that it pained Obama to be so deceptive about his real views on marriage on the campaign trail. “I’m just not very good at bullshitting,” Axelrod recounts Obama telling him.

Au contraire, the sitting president is one of the best bullshitters on the planet. Take it from someone with an English degree who’s had to meet a quota of 10 written pages on something I understand little about. To fill the airtime, you have to intimate arguments and counterarguments that you don’t necessarily believe or intend. Beginning a page-long aside with the transitional phrase “One could argue…” was one of my favorite strategies.

“As a Christian, I believe marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman.” –Sen. Barack Obama, 2008

You can read the deception in the first three words: “As a Christian…” If you believe something, you say so. You would never say, “As a Christian, I believe Jesus saved me from the condemnation of sin.” You would simply say, “I believe Jesus saved me from the condemnation of sin.”

Obama is bullshitting here. “As a Christian” implies Christianity is but one identity Obama more or less holds to. As opposed to what? What other identity does Obama have that could potentially supersede his Christian belief? It very well could have been, and was, according to Axelrod, his identity as a liberal.

Here’s a hypothetical example. If I were a Marxist running for president of my university’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and someone asked me whether I believed in life after death, I would answer:

So far as I’m a Christian, I believe in the resurrection of Jesus and His acension into heaven ahead of the rest of us who are reborn in spirit by the saving grace of His sacrifice on the cross.

Perfect. But what I managed to leave out, without baldly lying, was the degree to which I am indeed a Christian, that is, not at all. I’m a Marxist first and foremost. And I really believe there’s no life but the material one we have on earth, and the only possible heaven is the worker’s paradise promised by world communism.

Associate professor Obama is prone to this dissembling. I’ve often heard him attempt to repair his broken promises by opening with, “What I have always said is…” as if he’s been consistent all along and it’s our fault for misreading him from the start. Obama is a proud man and loathe to admit a mistake. Admitting fault would poke a big hole in the notion that geniuses like him are capable of technocratic efficiency. The soft tyrant desperately needs to save face to hold the public trust.

Further reading on this story at Hot Air.



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