Sexual dissociation

Robert Stacy McCain riffs on America’s fertility decline:

People want to “fit in,” to have the approval of their peers and of the society around them, and so being “conformed to this world” is the usual way of life. There is a prejudice I call “middle-classness,” which encourages young people to believe that they must have the credentials and accoutrements of middle-class life—college education, professional career, new cars, home ownership—or else be considered failures. This kind of concern for social status is perfectly understandable, yet in our striving for status (and encouraging our children to do the same) we can easily succumb to the kind of mentality that has produced the trend toward childlessness manifested in the latest Census Bureau report.

I think a bigger part of it is the decline of lifetime heterosexual pairings in favor of temporary sexual pairings. Sure, some people view marriage and children as capstones of their early life success. But the majority of those people are not chaste in their early adult lives. They have their cake and eat it, too.

The radical transformation in attitudes towards sex encourages men and women to avoid committing to each other. We became sexually detached, and in this isolation we fooled ourselves into thinking we were better off, as if the prison of sin was better than the “prison” of marriage. The euphoria of orgasm blinded us from the beauty and happiness of reserving sex for marriage.

As usual, God sees far beyond the horizon that we see as we run the race of life.




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