Treating the symptoms

Some people learn the hard way. Time reports on a chlamydia outbreak at a high school in Crane, Texas:

A West Texas high school is considering expanding its sex-education program beyond teaching abstinence after 20 cases of chlamydia were confirmed among students this week.

“We do have an abstinence curriculum, and that evidently ain’t working,” Jim Rumage, superintendent for the Crane Independent School District, told KFOR-TV about the outbreak at Crane High School.

“We need to do all we can,” he added, “although it’s the parents’ responsibility to educate their kids on sexual education.”

With a school population of about 300, roughly one in 15 students has the sexually transmitted disease. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called the outbreak a health issue of “epidemic proportions.”

Findings in a small sample size extrapolated to a much larger population can lead otherwise brilliant people to make stupid claims. My wife and I are both sick. That means the outbreak in our house has reached pandemic proportions.

The liberal response is to throw condoms at the kids. That’s consistent with their ideology to compensate for the inherently bad consequences of inherently bad decisions, because equality of result is achieved no other way. They treat the symptoms, not the problem.

There’s an AIDS outbreak in southern Indiana, spread by drug addicts sharing dirty needles. Concordant with liberal sex education, why don’t authorities give them clean needles to shoot up with? Wait, they are. Because nothing says “I love you” like abetting a lost soul’s addiction to avoid addiction’s consequences.



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