RedPillReport  Red Pill  Red Pill Report RedPillReport.netRed Pill Report welcomes contributions from other conservative bloggers and journalists.  Whether you have a blog of your own, or want to use Red Pill Report as your blog, we are interested in publishing your work.

To become a contributor, please fill out the form below.  You will then be contacted via email and we will get your account set up.  At the time of your first post, your image (avatar) and name will appear in the list of contributors (as you see on the right).  Each of your subsequent contributions will be linked to your avatar where readers can access them simply by clicking on your image or name.

If you have a blog of your own, and want the benefit of the web traffic on your site, your post here can be a portion of the entire article, followed by a link to your site where readers can access the entire post.  We only ask that you include at least a couple of paragraphs, so readers are able to become invested enough in the article to want to click on your link.

Naturally, the Editor at Red Pill Report has full discretion over the content of your posts.  You’ll be able to post your articles yourself, but if we feel that the article violates any of our rules (see bottom of page), your post could be removed.

Red Pill Report Rules:

  1. Passion is OK.  Excessive profanity and vulgarity are not.  Keep posts as tasteful as the topic allows.  We’re not complete prudes here, and recognize certain expressions in context are appropriate.  However, gratuitous foul language and vulgarity have no place here.
  2. Threats or illegal posts will not be tolerated.  Threats against either private people or government officials are illegal.
  3. Libelous content is off limits.  Make sure of your facts before posting.
  4. Racist remarks or hate speech have no place on Red Pill Report.  We are opinionated…but we do not believe in racism or discrimination.
  5. Pornography or lewd images are not allowed on Red Pill Report.  If anything illegal is posted, you will be reported to authorities.
  6. Plagiarism is not acceptable.  “Fair use” grants the limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission.  However, it should be attributed to the source, and shouldn’t be abused.  In some cases, paraphrasing is a better option.
  7. Contributors are encouraged to respond to reader comments, even if it is to passionately disagree.  However, please be respectful in your responses–even when a reader has not been.  Your participation on Red Pill Report is a privilege, and we expect you to represent the site in a positive, professional manner.
  8. Please limit your posts to no more than two per day.  We don’t expect this to be a problem as most people will likely not even contribute one per day.
  9. If you are posting only the first part of your article with a link back to your site, you must include at least part of the post–not just a link.  A minimum of two paragraphs is reasonable.
  10. The Editor at Red Pill Report is the final arbiter over the rules, and reserves the right to remove content or ban contributors for any reason.


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"There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword. The other is by debt." -John Adams 1826


Red Pill Report is a labor of love for the many contributors who post here. They share their thoughts and talents with us because, like you, they love this great Country and hope to contribute in some small way to returning America to the principles on which it was founded. How can you help? Please share our articles with friends and family. Share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Email are found at the bottom of each article. Our writers also love your comments, so please share your thoughts with us, when you can. We appreciate our readers, and would love to have more! Thank you!



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