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Treating the symptoms

Some people learn the hard way. Time reports on a chlamydia outbreak at a high school in Crane, Texas: A West Texas high school is considering expanding its sex-education program beyond teaching abstinence after 20 cases of chlamydia were confirmed among students this week. “We do have an abstinence curriculum, and that evidently ain’t working,” … Continue reading

Sexual dissociation

Robert Stacy McCain riffs on America’s fertility decline: People want to “fit in,” to have the approval of their peers and of the society around them, and so being “conformed to this world” is the usual way of life. There is a prejudice I call “middle-classness,” which encourages young people to believe that they must … Continue reading

Space invaders

Planet Fitness opens its doors to the weirdo in the ladies room, but it gives the boot to the lady complaining about the weirdo in the ladies room. Hey, it’s not like he was crossing some culturally unacceptable boundary by invading a female-only space. A Michigan Planet Fitness canceled a woman’s membership after she campaigned … Continue reading

“Rape” crusade

Two years ago, looking at the college crusade against “rape” for the first time, I came up with this theory: Romantic love between men and women is the glue that holds families together. Without families, there would be no civil society. They are nature’s last mediating institution between the individual and the state. Parents form … Continue reading

Washout economics

Screwing retirees and savers is good for stocks, #Yellen didn't say. — Joseph Dooley (@Mortal_Weight) December 17, 2014 David Stockman writes: The policy apparatus of the state has subjected savers to brutal punishment for one reason alone. Namely, to enable the insolvent big banks of America to dig their way out of the deep hole … Continue reading

Feminism’s caricature

If you didn’t know Jessica Valenti was serious, you’d think she was a Sacha Baron Cohen-type, employing a fake persona to make light of feminism. For example, she hates Christmas: We know that, if a present doesn’t get somewhere on time (if at all), if the cookies for the school’s holiday bake-off are store-bought, or … Continue reading

Break from the past

My bride gave me Lords of the Earth to read, a true story about a mission in the remote valleys of New Guinea. This observation by the mission’s leader, Stanley Dale, leapt off the page: We discovered though that none of them had parted with his fetishes. And it has been abundantly proven in this … Continue reading

Children of the future

Moms have been staying at home to raise children since the dawn of time. It’s only recently, in the era of beneficent totalitarian government, that we view this history with shame. Women and children reliant on men who love them to provide: “Patriarchy!” Women and children reliant on global capitalism and government daycare, which don’t … Continue reading

Brave New World future

Embracing our Brave New World future, Nicholas Kristof argues for sterilization. R. R. Reno comments at First Things: Nearly a century ago, Margaret Sanger promoted birth control as a way to put an end to poverty. That meant educating the poor in its methods. But she knew that this would be successful only to a … Continue reading

The medium isn’t the message

My bride gave me The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis to read. Lewis’s frankness and understated genius is, as usual, evident throughout. The part that most struck me was the fallen artist whose early love of capturing light in paintings degraded over time to love of painting itself. The spirit serving as his guide … Continue reading

"There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword. The other is by debt." -John Adams 1826


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