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The Great MSM End-Run

It seems the Main Stream Media (MSM) grows more raucous and unstable by the day, using route after route  in the Obama “Forward” playbook. Once upon a time in America, journalists and news anchors had a semblance of objectivity, and knew their role was to hold everyone’s feet to the fire. Marv Olasky called it the “…fly-on-the-wall, humble journalism that … Continue reading

Oh No the DNC Does NOT Support Israel!

…Wexler can wax eloquent and plead Obama’s case as a defender of Israel, but those of us paying attention are not buying the rhetoric. Tuesday afternoon former Congressman Robert Wexler strode out on the DNC Convention stage as Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll Part 2 pumped up the smallish 20K crowd. With almost no introductory … Continue reading

Ann’s Testimony of Love

“I read somewhere that Mitt and I have a storybook marriage…those storybooks never seemed to have chapters called MS or breast cancer.” Tuesday night America’s voters watched and listened as an impassioned case was made in the court of national television. Standing before a panoramic wall of family photos, an ingenuous Ann Romney testified to … Continue reading

Mitt and Ann: A Compelling Portrait

“Being around each other just gives us a sense of security and serenity and peace” Ann offered. Mitt quickly added, “She [Ann] has been my best friend, obviously, and my counselor throughout my life.” Throughout America’s relatively short history, men and women of character have arisen at every critical juncture; people who shepherded us onto … Continue reading

All Aboard the Romney Bandwagon!

As excitement builds for the Romney/Ryan ticket, an undercurrent of hope runs through the nation and I am completely caught in the rip-tide. That was not always the case–I am a Johnny-come-lately to the campaign, and so take a moment to reflect on the events which swayed my loyalties. Last November the GOP presidential field included Michele … Continue reading

Andrea’s Assumptions

I, like dozens of my friends around the country, set my clock to 5:45 AM (PT) Saturday to watch Mitt Romney announce his VP choice from Norfolk, VA.  As of late Friday night the AP was reporting the pick would be Paul Ryan, a “leak” which prompted thousands of excited tweets and elevated expectations. Romney … Continue reading

Crafting an Electorate

Checking through the usual litany of emails in my inbox yesterday, I stopped scrolling as I saw one startling missive from a good, conservative friend. He had sent along an article posted by FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) which detailed Oregon’s Governor John Kitzhaber and his plan to issue a new form of ID for illegal aliens. I … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Visits

This past Sunday, July 29th, I awakened to find pictures in numerous news sources of Mitt Romney’s visit to Israel and with Benjamin Netanyahu.  The aura of respect and amiability was easily recognizable from the photos alone, and my mind rushed to contrast this visit with one from 2011. First, we should remember that Obama … Continue reading

Let’s Re-Calibrate Their Priorities!

Sitting here, looking at the pines through my window on this picture-perfect, sunny Oregon day, I wonder what I can possibly write that will make a difference? I was born in this beautiful state, and outwardly it looks much the same now as it did all those years ago: breath-taking coastline vistas, rugged mountain ranges, … Continue reading

"There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword. The other is by debt." -John Adams 1826


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