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Get off the Couch! Only You Can Save America!

This week I heard from a voter who was so “disgusted” with Obama abusing power and Republicans and Democrats standing by (doing nothing) that it lead him to believe that he should leave the Republican Party and wait for the Tea Party to become a registered party. I found the person’s comments outrageous, not so … Continue reading

New Mexico Democrats: Lying about Obamacare?

Will Obamacare really be good for New Mexicans?  As a state that has many who struggle to make ends meet and many impoverished it is an important question.  The Democratic Party of New Mexico says Obamacare will help people with disabilities.  But will it really? Obamacare—Good News for People with Disabilities‏ If you are a … Continue reading

Answering some questions about Bob Cornelius

Who is Bob? Bob Cornelius is a businessman and political consultant whose character can be easily discerned by two sentences in his Twitter bio: “Some people say I’m influential in politics. I don’t correct them.” Cornelius is often seen campaigning for underdog and unknown candidates in Republican primaries.  In most cases his candidate does not … Continue reading

The Democrats behind Governor Martinez stolen emails: AG King, NM Democrats Chair Bregman and leftist ‘media’

In this post we will dig deeper into email-gate, the story of Governor Martinez’ stolen emails.  We will connect the dots and see how the Democrats are behind the stolen emails and have illegally used them to further their goals. *     *     * Jamie Estrada is facing federal charges for [allegedly] illegally intercepting and disclosing … Continue reading

New Mexico leftists seek to recall mayor defending the Constitution

Las Vegas Mayor Alfonso Ortiz is taking heat after he refused to enforce the no-fracking oil-drilling ban passed by the city council last year which was pushed by a Pennsylvania group.  Mayor Ortiz says the ban on fracking is unconstitutional.  Now Lee Einer, a hardcore leftist featured in Michael Moore’s SiCKO documentary, is leading the … Continue reading

Santa Fe: Attempt to ban high capacity magazines fails

Good news for gun right advocates in New Mexico, and particularly in Santa Fe.  Last night the Santa Fe council voted 6 to 2 against a ban on high capacity magazines for guns. The room was crowded as 2nd amendment supporters from crammed in.  Many got in line to speak in defense of the 2nd … Continue reading

The cry of ‘sustainability’: Shutting down the American Dream

A constant mantra ‘It must be sustainable!’  This comes from the left on a regular basis.  As a political activist I hear it repeatedly as I attend community events, local government meetings, and (during elections) candidate gatherings.  Wherever the left congregates this is all-consuming to many, but always just beyond their grasp. The left’s idea … Continue reading

Sneaky: Democratic Party of New Mexico uses stolen emails to their advantage

The Emails At the end of May, Jamie Estrada, was indicted on charges of unlawfully intercepting wire communications and lying to the FBI during the course of the investigation.  Estrada was a campaign manager for Martinez until she let him go at the end of 2009.  In late 2010 Estrada used the username and password … Continue reading

Developing NOW: Life in Obama’s America

This is life in Obama’s America– NSA monitoring our online activity and phone calls.  The IRS wastes money on ridiculous training videos and discriminates against conservative political groups, telling pro-Life groups they can’t even protest peacefully at Planned Parenthood facilities. This is life in Obama’s America– Tom Francois receives a visit from the Secret Service … Continue reading

New Mexico politics: A different standard for Attorney General King than Governor Martinez

New Mexico Attorney General (aka Aspiring Governor) Gary King stated earlier this year, if documents make there way to his office and they are not prohibited from release to the public by state law, then they are a public record subject to the normal Inspection of Public Record Act (IPRA). Explaining his office’s procedures on … Continue reading

"There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword. The other is by debt." -John Adams 1826


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