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Deconstructing Hillary’s “Mea Culpa”

The big story on the eve of the second debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama was Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doing some sort of mea culpa in an interview with CNN while on a trip to Peru.  It was all very sudden and the immediate reaction was that she had “fallen on her … Continue reading

About That Debate Tonight…

The conventional wisdom has always been that presidential debates are almost never game-changers.  It’s true, some debates stand out in hindsight but were not recognized as being significant at the time.  Last week’s debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama was not only a game-changer but a historic one.  Not in recent memory has one … Continue reading

Romney Crushes Obama In Crucial First Debate

I heard it said more than once in the days leading up to last night’s big presidential showdown in Denver that these debates almost never prove to be game changers.  Well, count last night as one of those rare times.  I have never taken the polling too seriously and so I’ve never really worried that … Continue reading

OMG! Obama Media Group Is Busted…Again!

Think of the Establishment Media as being like a casino: Once people realize that the game is rigged, they’ll simply ignore it altogether. And like most fantasies, when belief goes, so does the fantasy itself. Just when you thought the Obama Media Group couldn’t disgrace itself any further, yet more evidence of their malpractice has … Continue reading

Re-Tweet This! Twitter As Teach-In: Maximizing the Potential of Social Media

Think of the ripple effect when you drop a pepple into the water.  This is the principle behind a video going “viral” on the internet.  It’s not merely the number of people who stumble across the video by chance; it’s how many times the video is shared with others via Facebook, Twitter, ect. Those familiar … Continue reading

Lessons in Media Bias and Left-Wing Hate

The first two active nights of the RNC in Tampa were certainly an eye-opener.  Anyone listening to the speeches could not help but be moved by the personal stories and the pride in American exceptionalism they conveyed.  And if hearing the speeches wasn’t enough to convince someone of their effectiveness one only has to take … Continue reading

Just Another Example of NY Times Bias

In the New York Times on Thursday there was an article written by Rebecca Berg that dealt with “the myth of the swing voter.” The article was based on the premise that the hype surrounding the need to capture the elusive swing vote is completely overblown and that most voters are partisan and will reliably … Continue reading

"There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword. The other is by debt." -John Adams 1826


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