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Lisa is a law student, living in Philadelphia, PA. She is a constitutional conservative, a tea party enthusiast, an NRA member, an animal lover and a Phillies fan. Lisa is a contributor on Red Pill Report, and a contributor to the Open Mic Show with Mike Assad which broadcasts on WIBG The Talk of South Jersey every Saturday morning, 8-10am and online at
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Gosnell Trial- April 18, 2013

A baby swims in a toilet, another whines, another retracts its arms and legs after being placed in a shoebox, all right before these babies are killed. Today the prosecution brought their 36th and final witness to the stand, Women’s Medical Society employee Kareema Cross. Ms. Cross was perhaps the most damaging witness for Gosnell … Continue reading

April 16, 2013- Another Day at the Gosnell Trial

I missed the morning testimony but I arrived after the lunch break and was able to watch the Commonwealth put three more of their witnesses on the stand. Commonwealth’s first witness of the day was Jimmy Johnson. Mr. Johnson was the maintenance man at Gosnell’s clinic as well as his home, shore property and other … Continue reading

April 15, 2013 -Thoughts on the Gosnell Trial from Today

Today, I attended the Gosnell trial. It was exciting to see Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox News’ The Five in the courtroom. It is a sign that, at last, national attention is being brought to this case. For whatever reason, the trial had a late start. It began well after 11am. Gosnell walked in smiling, seemed … Continue reading

How Conservatives Can Start Taking Back the Country

Same sex marriage. Gun control. Michelle Obama’s fabulous sense of style. Ever notice how the conversation in this country is dominated by topics on the left-wing agenda? I know I’m not the only person who noticed. picked up on many others on Twitter who have wondered, why are we not talking about jobs? The left has … Continue reading

The Rabid Left-Wing Attack Machine

The left has now gone mad. Like a scary werewolf horror-film, the left has turned into a rabid, untamed, unleashed, barking and howling team of attack-dogs. Mitt Romney proved his genius in picking Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. Paul Ryan is a young, articulate, sharp, intelligent, likeable, family-man without a single flaw. … Continue reading

Progressive Doctrine: “One man; one vote. One illegal immigrant, fake person, unregistered voter, criminal; as many votes as you want!”

Voter fraud almost always swings in favor of Democrats. The fact that Democrats are so content with voter fraud, i.e. ballots cast by illegal immigrants, fake people, unregistered voters, and double-voters proves, once again, just how corrupt this party is. My state of Pennsylvania is one of twelve states that have passed a law requiring … Continue reading

"There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword. The other is by debt." -John Adams 1826


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