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The solution is as simple as pulling teeth!

Don’t you see? If we ban all guns, then and only then can we finally stop all these senseless shootings. Look at Sandy Hook. Look at Columbine. If these killers had not had access to guns then they would not have been able to kill as many people as they did. Perhaps Adam Lanza would … Continue reading

Let’s agree to disagree that I am going to punch you in the face!

The ultimate pathetic disengagement can be found within the phrase “Let’s just agree to disagree.” What it means is this: I won’t change your opinion and you won’t change mine so let’s just not argue about it anymore. Here’s the thing though, if it’s just two guys talking quietly in a cafe over a cup … Continue reading

Tell me again why can’t I buy a Twinkie?

Hostess Brands, formerly Interstate Bakeries, was founded in 1930 and is the company behind Twinkies, Wonder Bread, and Devil Dogs. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2004. In early 2009, the company became a private company in a deal financed in part by private equity firm Ripplewood Holdings. Looking at a murky financial picture, what … Continue reading

Cannibalism Happens…

Americans, Europeans, Africans, Asians, wherever you’re from, I’m afraid we’re all in the same boat. Yes, this boat was mostly built by America, launched by America, and captained by America, but it’s not one country’s voyage, it’s the voyage of us all. We the passengers are starting to become aware of the fact that after … Continue reading

The Fiscal Cliff and the Art of War

Generally the one who first occupies the battlefield awaiting the enemy is at ease; the one who comes later and rushes into battle is fatigued. Therefore those skilled in warfare move the enemy, and are not moved by the enemy. Getting the enemy to approach on his own accord is a matter of showing him … Continue reading

Everyone has their Kryptonite

Superman, if you recall, had only one weakness, kryptonite. It’s therefore no surprise that practically every single issue of the Superman comic-book had a villain equipped with a supply of it. The list of super powers that Superman supposedly possesses, continues to grow to this day. At some point it just became absurd. In the … Continue reading

Our problem is hubris

It was considered the most deadly and greatest of sins to commit, “hubris”; wanton insolence or arrogance resulting from excessive pride or passion, especially towards the Gods. It was the classic temptation of the ancient Greek mortals who, finding themselves in roles of leadership or their own successes, started to view themselves as impervious to … Continue reading

Lies dissolve the ties that bind people together

Dishonesty is a cancer that slowly kills every relationship where it grows unchecked. It kills relationships because there is a person who has been deceived and another who knows he has wronged his victim and believes he’s gotten away with it. The successful liar will lie again and again, and every lie will only cause … Continue reading

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf…

The White population is about 223,553,265. That comprises about 72% of the total population of the United States which is 308,745,538. There are approximately 6,555,000 white families using foodstamps. As a foodstamp-using demographic, whites consume 35% of the available foodstamps totaling 18,369,000 foodstamp using families overall. Putting this in a way that’s easy to visualize, … Continue reading

Why Keynesian Economics is Pure Hogwash

Some economic theories—specifically those of Edward Keynes—say that government spending during economic downturns is good for the economy. In theory, this increase in the amount of money floating around in circulation in the hands of the people will cause them to spend this money on things. Other people will take this same money they just … Continue reading

"There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by sword. The other is by debt." -John Adams 1826


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