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“Confederate” Redskins

One PC barrier “overcome” in the figure of Michael Sam wasn’t enough to sate Mike Wise’s appetite for “progress” in the NFL. Last week the Washington Post sports columnist disowned the Redskins, conceding the team and its fans to the “Confederacy,” making Redskins fans cry.

All this over a name and regional resentment over lower taxes.

This passage stands out as particularly deluded:

Griffin and his teammates purport to be Washington’s team, to represent the District, Maryland, and Virginia. The truth is, they belong to the Commonwealth. They’ve been going south for almost three decades.

For 22 years, the team headquarters have been in Ashburn. All the players and coaches either live in the suburbs or nearby. They practice, shop and pay taxes in Northern Virginia. The three Lombardi Trophies that Joe Gibbs’s teams won more than two decades ago gleam behind the glass there, not on the other side of the Potomac.

Why would that be? Let’s review the possibilities:

  1. They’re racists.
  2. They’re homophobes.
  3. Maryland and the District of Columbia suck.

The state and local governments, that is. When I lived there, I found the people pleasant, as well as the hiking trails.

On the former score, Wise needn’t worry. Due to out-migration from Maryland, Virginia is on its way to liberal hell-hole-dom. Already liberal Northern Virginia dominates state politics. Pretty soon Wise will be defending his beloved NoVa against secessionists to the west and south. Dan Snyder will have to consider Delaware or West Virginia to headquarter team operations.

One wonders how much longer Wise will remain on the Redskins beat for the Post, given his open contempt for the team—and his Maryland residency. There are plenty of dying Maryland newspapers to report for.



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