Delay is a fig leaf

Sen. John Cornyn R-TX

It’s fine to argue Ted Cruz and Mike Lee’s attempt to defund Obamacare in the Senate will lose. A debate can be had on whether spectacularly losing this one fight improves Republicans’ chances at winning the war. (I think it does.)

But what of the “disagreement on tactics,” a phrase Sen. John Cornyn coined when confronted with his Texas colleague’s bold plan to defund Obamacare? There’s a “disagreement on tactics,” all right. Cruz and Lee have a tactic. Cornyn & Co. don’t.

Ostensibly there are two tactics: defund (Cruz and Lee) and delay (Cornyn and McConnell). The Republicans’ leverage for achieving either goal is a government shutdown. Democrats are as virulently opposed to delaying Obamacare as they are to defunding it, unless it’s their president doing the delaying. Since the two tactics have an equal chance of success, defund is a no-brainer. Delay is the establishment’s fig leaf.

Democrats don’t want to cede control of Obamacare to Republicans in the House and Senate, even though Obamacare is a creation of the House and Senate. Democrats want a totalitarian government, which is impossible to administrate with the consent of the governed. Obama needs all the freedom from legislative oversight he can muster to implement Obamacare’s gargantuan provisions.



4 thoughts on “Delay is a fig leaf

  1. Republicans will regret a delay. If they want to win the midterm elections, they need this mandate to go through. Once the voters get a nasty letter from the IRS telling them they must buy insurance, and toss in a penalty, they will become disgruntled and head to the voting booths. The best way to end Obamacare is to let the people suffer from it.

    Posted by Ray Plenty | September 25, 2013, 2:46 pm
    • I agree that to merely delay Obamacare’s implementation is not good. We need to defund it…and defeat it NOW! Here are a couple of reasons.

      1) Even Obama recognizes the devastation Obamacare is going to have on so many people (voters). That’s why he and the Dems have continued pushing back key components of the law that will be the most painful until AFTER the midterm elections. After that…Obama has no more elections to face, so why should he care? He needs them to try to win control of both houses of congress in 2014–then watch out!! You won’t even recognize our country in 2016!

      2) You and I both know that once this law becomes entrenched…and government employees have control over it…the chances of repeal fall somewhere between slim and none! In fact, show me another government program that the people have been able to repeal? It simply doesn’t happen. Once Obamacare is fully funded and rolled out…we will be stuck with it.

      Now is the time to draw a line in the sand…and fight for the freedoms our founding fathers handed down to us. To do otherwise is to surrender our childrens’ futures to the enemies of the United States of America (one of which sits in the Oval Office).

      Posted by Red Pill Report | September 26, 2013, 5:59 am
  2. Statesmen will do what is best for America regardless of the personal consequences. Remember “Give me liberty or give me death.” Where are the patriots? Where are the statesmen?

    Posted by Linus | September 26, 2013, 5:14 pm


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