Melting pot

GOP outreach fetishist Brittney Morrett makes her case for ethnic conservatism in the Daily Caller. “Morneau_for_4” comments:

Brittney fails to understand the premise of conservatism: people are individuals, regardless of race or ethnicity. The conservative message already speaks to all people but it can’t get through when people would rather identify with a group rather than see themselves as an individual.

Melting potWell said. People have identities, which is fine. In fact, it’s encouraged. Civil society is strengthened by the bonds of people with common backgrounds and interests. But the melting pot is based on the premise that individuality, varying infinitely from person to person, comes second to one’s participation in the body politic. Insofar as America is still a great country, this is what makes us great.

Identity politics cools the melting pot, hardening our differences to divisions and outright factions. Identity politics leads to curtailing the truth to avoid giving offense. If, during my “outreach,” a Hispanic asks me about my position on illegal alien amnesty, should I lie? Morrett thinks so:

Too often I see well-intentioned conservatives show up at events attended predominantly by Latinos and then start spouting off about “shamnesty” or some other hot topic using insensitive terms. Just don’t. Instead, talk about topics like economic freedom.

Why ignore rule of law? Why ignore the ballooning unskilled labor force that drives down wages? Because doing so means telling the people you’re reaching out to that they’re wrong. And they are. They’re wrong. They need to be told they’re wrong. They’re not going to change if you don’t convince them they’re wrong.

There’s no reason Morrett’s principle shouldn’t apply to economic freedom also. What makes economic freedom a safe topic, more safe than illegal immigration? The majority of Hispanics vote liberal because they don’t believe in economic freedom. They believe in taking from their neighbor. They believe in government patronage. And they live shells of lives because of it. Their ancestors fled their home countries because of the horrible consequences of these beliefs, and yet they haven’t learned. Here, too, they must be convinced they’re wrong. They must change.

The gist of GOP outreach is not to get people to change. It’s to change the GOP. It’s to change the GOP from a party that embraces conservatism in its fullness to a party that tolerates the subjective truths of a divided electorate.



One thought on “Melting pot

  1. Why migrate to the United States if not for economic freedom? Religious freedom brought the first American colonists (1600’s). The second wave of immigrants (1700’s-1900’s) came for economic freedom. The third wave (2000’s) are here to ride the gravy train. They refuse to love America and they want to impose their culture on us, while feeding on the fruit of our labors, commandeering our curriculum, and hi-jacking our health care.

    The illegal blood-suckers will destroy economic freedom when we all drown in our Federal debt.

    Posted by Linus | September 17, 2013, 3:43 pm

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