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What About Robin Thicke? -by Karey White

-by Karey White

The tamest image we could find of this disgusting performance

One of the more tame moments in an otherwise repulsive performance

Robin Thicke’s mother was disgusted by Miley Cyrus’s antics at the VMA broadcast the other night. She thinks Miley Cyrus is “misbegotten” and wishes she could “unsee” the performance.

Don’t we all?

And yet, for the last couple of days all I’ve heard are comments about Miley Cyrus. We’ve heard words like sexy, raunchy, embarrassing, and many more that I don’t want on my blog. I learned the term twerking, thanks to that performance, and honestly, it’s a word I could gladly have died not knowing.

Please don’t get me wrong. I think the way Miley behaved is disgusting. I started watching it on Monday because it was literally EVERYWHERE, but couldn’t finish the whole thing. It made me sad for these misused child stars who aren’t taught values or self-respect or what they’re worth as a daughter of God because those who should be teaching them those things are too busy teaching them how to make a spectacle of themselves so they can stay relevant and keep lining the pockets of the “adults” who should be protecting them.

But the parental failures that are Billy Ray and his wife aren’t my point here. We all know that her “parents” and her handlers are more concerned about themselves than they are about Miley. She’s another lost child who we can only hope finds herself before the damage is irreparable.

My question here is this:


Seriously. I want to know the answer.

Several years ago I saw Robin Thicke perform on Oprah. He may be talented and some might find him attractive, but all I saw was an older, less attractive, and much creepier version of Justin Timberlake.

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3 thoughts on “What About Robin Thicke? -by Karey White

  1. Such a shame that we have come to this point. Miley’s an adult now but she hasn’t had anyone leading and guiding her as she became an adult. She is immature and confused about life. Another victim of Disney. And Robin Thicke is just getting his creepy kicks off the whole thing. Most people in hollywood need to just evaporate into thin air. The world would be a better place.

    Posted by Cucciolo | August 29, 2013, 8:22 am
  2. When will America realize that the left-leaning entertainment industry has an agenda that is subversive; subversive of the liberty America’s founders envisioned, and subversive of the morality necessary to preserve that liberty. These left-leaning entertainers, lumped together under the banner of “Hollywood,” won’t rest until all of the X generation and all of the millennial generation are so jaded and desensitized that America’s birthright of liberty and morality will be lost forever, and our civilization will take its place in the history books in the chapter following the Fall of the Roman Empire. Rome succumbed while the people were diverted by “bread and circuses.” Today, food stamps are the bread, and Hollywood provides the circuses (clowns). WAKE UP, America.

    Posted by Linus | August 29, 2013, 9:46 am

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