I came across this Margaret Thatcher (RIP) quote and thought how quaint it seems in the pick-your-gender era:

Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.

Forget quaint. This could be construed as hateful under the emerging orthodoxy, which doesn’t permit natural or accidental constraints on the individual. Imagination is the final measure of things. Consider, via the New York Daily News:

A transgender student in Pennsylvania who identifies as male wants the name he uses — Issak Wolfe — to be read aloud when he receives his diploma at graduation.

The 18-year-old senior at Red Lion Area High School in York County pleaded his case at Thursday’s school board meeting. He handed over a petition with 2,000 signatures and was joined by a packed room of supporters wearing stickers that read, “His name is Issak.”

“Reading my male name at graduation wouldn’t hurt anyone, but they know that reading my female name only serves to hurt me more,” said Wolfe, who was born a female named Sierra Stambaugh but has identified as a male for more than two years. “Obviously, it’s more important to them to push around an 18-year-old than it is to make the school a safe space for its students.”

A “safe space”? By referring to her by her given name? What is she talking about? I doubt she even knows. The language of victimhood doesn’t have to make sense. All that matters is that it is effective as a cudgel to acquire the Nietzschean will to determine one’s gender.

The article goes to great lengths to refer to Sierra by her preferred name and her preferred gender, but not her preferred age. The odds Sierra prefers her age dictated by the date of her birth, given a choice from negative infinity to positive infinity, are next to nothing. Lingering bigotry, that’s what it is! If Sierra considered herself an older man, she could have avoided public school altogether. But she couldn’t avoid registering with Selective Service. I’d like to see her made to do so, just for my amusement.

This hubris is the zeitgest of our times, captured by Wendell Berry in his 1994 tract Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community: “People are instructed to free themselves of all restrictions, restraints, and scruples in order to fulfill themselves as individuals to the utmost extent that the law allows.”

Actually that is too forgiving a description. These people have pushed the law beyond the comprehension of traditional morality and intellect. If I imagine it, it must be so. To tell me otherwise is to impose tyranny. Of course, nature is tyranny in its own right. We coexist with it or work in vain against it.

Berry calls these people liberationists. I’ve also heard the terms radical individualist (in critiques of Ayn Rand), transhumanist, and gnostic bandied about. I am fond of identitarian. It fittingly rhymes with totalitarian.




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