Scarborough said “True Conservatives like Me” are treated with hate and anger

Listen, Joe Scarborough is a man that likes to hear the sound of his own voice. He’s surrounded himself with minions who agree with every analogy he conjures up and that makes for good liberal TV if you are into that. Thank heavens, I am not into that mess. What @JoeNBC said today was Conservatives at CPAC or attending that conference treat people like him and Chris Christie with hatred and anger because they sit down at the table with liberals and smile and play cards and hold bridge meetings and once again he liberals too much.

This is about policy and a mindset that drives “true” conservatives. We believe in what we believe just the same as liberals. You might not believe me but Democrats are eating this up when they see shifty people like Joe continue to derail organizations such as CPAC when they are not being swayed by public opinion.

MSNBC is really doing a hatchet job on conservatives using “conservatives” to bash them at every turn.


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