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Jay-Z Spending Money on His Kid?

jay-z-moneyToo many haters are jumping on Brooklyn Nets owner and music mogul Jay-Z (more familiarly known as “Mr. Beyonce”) for spending $1 million on a nursery at the Barclay’s Center for his daughter Blue Ivy.  Some commenters have even suggested the unthinkable: leaving that precious child home with a nanny who might be willing to work yearly for one-tenth of that amount and count herself lucky.

Such short-sighted thinking is typical of those who also criticize our President for taking much needed vacations in Hawaii totaling millions, and that’s just for the dog Bo.  Everyone needs to reset their thinking and understand the connection between Presidential pal Jay-Z spending large and the President spending larger.

Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce make music and make a lot of money doing it.  They also own a basketball team as well as other businesses such as a nightclub.  If they want to use their money to create a play space for their daughter in a stadium, that is very much their own biz.  Or if they want to leave Blue Ivy at  home and hire twelve nannies to watch her (as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are rumored to have done for a recent trip to the Turks and Caicos), that is also an option and it would provide rotational variety for the little tot.  In any case, it is not our concern and shouldn’t be yours.  Let’s just say the child seems to be well-provided for.

On the other hand, if our President wants to take his family on a vacation that’s costing the taxpayers millions, maybe some accounting should be done.  Not that our Chief Executive doesn’t deserve a restful time after having to provoke John Boehner almost to tears in order to serve the greater good.  But let’s get real.  What would be wrong with a trip to Vegas instead?   Wouldn’t that boost Harry Reid’s  home-state economy?  Aren’t they pals?  Or the President could head to California–maybe Malibu?  That would give a lift to Diannie Get-Yer-Gun Feinstein’s state, though the immediate neighborhood may not be in dire need except of ridding itself of Babs Stresiand.

On second thought, Venice Beach lies a little further south and the Obama girls could enjoy the usual pierced and tatted-up boardwalk parade.  Viewing the weirdos and stray petitioners could give Malia and Sasha a glimpse of real life!  But then, there’s always the Inaugural to look forward to.


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I'm a political conservative who writes informative and funny stuff about current events. I attended Emerson College (Boston), got a B.A. in English from UCLA, then to compound the tragedy obtained a Master's in Library Science. I had a long career as a technical editor and reference librarian before realizing that work for someone else sucks! Now I'm happily retired and hoping to inform and sometimes make you laugh too. If you are a liberal you probably won't agree with many of my views, but please don't unfriend, block, shun or shut out-- that's what children do when they're not stamping a foot and screaming.


One thought on “Jay-Z Spending Money on His Kid?

  1. Doesn’t Obama have a job and a dependable income? Why then can’t he pay for his own vacations like the rest of us have to do? Is it built into his compensation package that he gets all of his vacation expenses covered at the expense of America’s taxpayers? Do government accountants monitor these expenses against the terms of his compensation package? I say “stay home until you can afford a vacation! After all, you are not overworked! You haven’t earned a vacation! Haven’t you seen the employment numbers? Try earning a break — and then pay your own way!” Like Clint Eastwood said, we really ought to fire Obama.

    Posted by Linus | January 5, 2013, 7:07 pm

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