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Celebrity Hacks Politicize Connecticut School Shooting

Today, as I was relaxing on my couch, trying with all I have to beat this infernal sinus infection, I get word of yet another tragedy unfolding in our already troubled nation.  Another coward makes headlines on all the news stations across the country.  What is this nation coming to?  The tragedy that happened on the 14th is almost beyond comprehension.  A mad man, a coward in the truest definition of the word, hell-bent on death and destruction, shoots up an elementary school.  This is the worst of worst case scenarios.

In the distance, I can hear it coming.  The faint sound of the mindless drones that dwell the cesspool that is Hollywood, stirring in their multi-million dollar homes.  Surely they won’t do it.  Not today.  They have more “class” than that.  Even the leftist politicians know you shouldn’t politicize a tragedy like this on the same day it occurred.  That would be bad for business.  But alas, it comes like a tidal wave… alright a small wave, of complete and utter ignorance and stupidity.

The has-been’s and loonies (I’m looking at you Alec Baldwin) open their foot sized blow-hole that some call a mouth.  The words spew forth like bile and vomit.  Words that echo the talking points of Hitler and his buddies back in the days leading up to the holocaust.  “We need gun control, NOW.”  They cackle like the vultures they are, already pecking at the dead bodies of the students and teachers to feed their hunger for attention.   Another describes those that believe in and defend the 2nd amendment as the “epitome of stupidity.”  Then they turn and hide behind their armed bodyguards and, most likely, their guns.  You know, the ones they use for protection.

These pathetic ingrates, these hypocrites, say they stand for the “safety” of the American people.  When all they really wants is to be in the public eye again.  They whore themselves out for the attention they crave.  They have no respect for the families going through hell right now, it’s really all about them.

I was going to hold off for a while before I addressed the gun control freaks in this country, but now is just as good a time as any thanks to these jerks.  The fact you believe in gun control puts you in the same class of douche bags as the Nazis back in WWII.  There I said it.  Idiots like Alec Baldwin and Patton Oswalt are basically Nazis.  In fact, anyone who aligns themselves with the left is basically a Nazi.  Their ideas are one in the same.

Time and time again it has been proven that taking away the guns of a population opens the door for more crimes, crimes that do become more violent.  A criminal doesn’t always go to a gun shop to buy the pistol he will later use to rob a bank or murder an innocent bystander.  They obtain them illegally, you know through nefarious means, such as previous crimes or gun runners.  Asking a society to disarm is like asking that society to allow themselves to be raped and murdered, not necessarily in that order.

If the entire population was ordered to disarm themselves, and they did so peacefully, do you know who the first group of people would be to buy guns, illegally, for protection will be?  Not the tea-partiers, not republicans or even those clinging to their “guns and their religion.”  The very first people to break the law will be the Hollywood elite.  They already see themselves above the law.  Well, either that or the government would allow them to keep their guns because they’re such important people.  Much more important than the average Joe.

I’ll be the first to admit it, a world where guns were not needed would be great, but that will never happen.  There are just evil people out there in the world.  What we need is a trained and armed society, one that not only takes care of their family, friends, and neighbors, but also has the back of the stranger in the mall.  If everyone, teachers included, carried a firearm, tragedies like this, as well as all the other shootings, could have been prevented, or at least, ended with fewer people dead and wounded.


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4 thoughts on “Celebrity Hacks Politicize Connecticut School Shooting

  1. * LIKE *

    Posted by Selsun | December 18, 2012, 2:25 am
  2. Great article and very well said. The Hollywood elites and their violent movies are part of the problem. If guns are the problem like they say, then their movies are nothing more than training videos on how to kill with impunity.

    Posted by Cucciolo | April 18, 2013, 4:33 pm
    • Thanks. I really have no problem, personally, with movies or video games that depict violence. I do have issues with hypocrisy of Hollywood, as well as parents that allow their children to watch these movies or play video games that have violent content. We have ratings for a reason and people seem to ignore them for whatever reason.

      Posted by Brent Dean | April 27, 2013, 10:41 am

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