2012 Presidential Election

The Importance of Voting

Grant Oster
Hankering For History

As there are 62 days until one of the most significant elections in our nation’s history, it is important that now, more than ever, everyone takes the opportunity to vote. It is a shame that everyone does not do their part and vote. Voting has not always been a right to American citizens and it is unfortunate that everyone does not participate.

The decision of who could and could not vote was one that started with the inception of America. Starting with the first American election, there were those that thought that the individual should not have a vote. Roger Sherman, Delegate to the Constitutional Convention, said, “People should have as little to do as may be with the government.” Thankfully, the Founding Fathers valued the freedoms and equality that the Revolutionary War were fought over. Because of this, certain American citizens were given the immediate right to vote. Unfortunately, groups such as African-Americans and women would not have this right until a later time.

Originally, only white, male, land-owners had the right to vote. It was not long until this flaw was pointed out in the democratic system, and it became obvious that voting was not equal. Starting in 1812, laws were passed abolishing the property qualifications for white men. In 1868, the Fourteenth Amendment was passed (which defined citizenship) and in 1870, the Fifteenth Amendment was passed (which allowed non-white men to vote), both increasing voting rights. These amendments allowed all males, regardless of color and those born in America, the right to vote. In 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment was passed, allowing women to vote. In 1964 and 1966, the Twenty-fourth Amendment and Harper v. Virginia Board of Elections removed poll taxes, which allowed the lower classes to vote. In 1971, the Twenty-sixth Amendment was passed, allowing adults as young as 18 to vote. America is a nation that wants their citizens to vote. Time and time again, Congress has passed laws intended to get everyone in on the voting process. Even in the last few decades, laws have been passed to let citizens overseas and the homeless vote.

If you frequent the Red Pill Report, you have probably already decided on who you are voting for. What I hope you take from this article is your sense of responsibility to spread the word on voting. There are those that don’t appreciate voting. They don’t realize that some countries don’t allow voting. Others believe in theories such as the Elite and Class Theory. The Elite and Class Theory is “a theory of government and politics contending that societies are divided along class lines and that an upper-class elite will rule, regardless of the formal niceties of governmental organization.” In fact, in 2004, a report by American Political Science Association stated that “Citizens with lower or moderate incomes speak with a whisper that is lost on the ears on inattentive government officials, while the advantaged roar with a clarity of consistency that policymakers readily hear and routinely follow.” I say baloney. There were 81 million potential voters that did not place a vote in the 2008 election.  Out of those eligible to vote, that is roughly 38% If there is a whisper, it is because the volume is only turned up to 62%.

We should also consider the responsibility we have to disseminate the information about the issues and the politicians stance on said issues. In an RNC speech last week, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez told a story about why she switched from the Democratic party to the Republican party.

I was a Democrat for many years. So were my parents. Before I ran for district attorney, two Republicans invited my husband and me to lunch, and I knew a party switch was exactly what they wanted. So, I told Chuck, “We’ll be polite, enjoy a free lunch, and then say good-bye.” But we talked about issues. They never used the words “Republican” or “Democrat,” “conservative” or “liberal.” We talked about many issues, like welfare. “Is it a way of life, or hand up?” We talked about the size of government. “How much should it tax families and small businesses?” And when we left that lunch, we got in the car, and I looked over at Chuck and said, “I’ll be damned. We’re Republicans!”

And that’t that. Some people, especially the younger generations, aren’t aware of the issues. They aren’t aware of what their party represents. They grew up under assumptions or as part of a political party and never questioned why.

Towards the end of the speech, Susana Martinez said, “This election should not be about political parties.  Too many Americans are out of work, and our debt is out of control.  This election needs to be about those issues.”

Yes, these are the issues. This election (and the next four, if not eight years) needs to be about our economy. I believe for this reason that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the men for the job. We have seen the deficit that Romney squashed in Massachusetts and we have seen his accomplishments in the business world. Former President (D) Bill Clinton says that Mitt Romney has had a “sterling business career.” U.S. Representative Dennis Ross said that Mitt Romney has “credibility.” Of course, there are those that say, “Romney cannot relate to Americans”, “he is out of touch”, “he is a robot.” To this I say, “Who cares?” My boss is almost three times my age and in comparison to my net worth, he would be an example of the 1%. To run his business effectively (as he has) for almost fifty years, is it important that he gets me? The business is thriving and the employees are taken care of. But I digress…..

The most significant line from the most memorable speech of America’s history is a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” This line, from President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, speaks volumes of our democratic system. Our political system is one where we vote, not only for the President of the United States but for all government representatives. We do this because our nations’ population, of over 300-million, is too large to be just “by the people.” Republican Majority Leader Dick Armey said, “There is more wisdom in millions of individuals making decisions in their own self-interest than there is in even the most enlightened bureaucrat making decisions on their behalf.” While there is truth to this, it would be inconceivable for each individual to vote on policies. That is why it is important that the ‘millions of individuals’ do their part and vote for our representation.

It isn’t just your responsibility to vote, but to make others aware of the current political issues and encourage those that aren’t planning to vote, to vote. In the 2008 election, only 62% of those eligible to vote did. 62% is not even enough to win a 2/3 majority vote. Go above and beyond. Voting is not enough. Take the time and educate those around you.


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9 thoughts on “The Importance of Voting

  1. Red Pill Report is thrilled to welcome our newest contributor, Grant Oster.

    As well as being a great writer, Grant is a budding historian. His writing is clearly influenced by his love of history and the context it brings to current events.

    In addition to contributing to Red Pill Report, Grant authors an outstanding website: that is worth checking out.

    We’re excited to have Grant join our growing team as our de facto resident historian.

    Posted by Red Pill Report | September 4, 2012, 2:12 pm
  2. Some great points you made. I hear a lot of people groan in states that are ‘always’ red or blue. Those in the minority feel that their vote doesn’t count because they are always overruled by the majority. Those in the majority feel that their vote is wasted since they are just adding to the margin of victory. Who knows when the tide will turn in a state and those who make up the majority in the state will not turn out and the minority will. That minority just might steal that election from under the noses of the sleeping majority. The only way to have your voice heard is to vote. Especially in an election like this one that has ramifications far greater than any I can remember. Thanks for a great article and thank you RedPillReport.

    Posted by Cucciolo | September 4, 2012, 2:24 pm
  3. Thanks for this good reminder. I take my right to vote seriously but you’re right. It’s important to make sure our friends and neighbors are aware of the issues that face us so we can all vote responsibly.

    Posted by Janet | September 4, 2012, 3:58 pm
  4. i am a senior citizen, and from the time I was old enough to vote, I have exercised that privilege. At this time, I am living out of my wonderful United States of America, so will not be there for the November election. However, will that stop me from voting? Absolutely not! I will be voting absentee. As long as I live I will continue to put my “X” on the ballot, punch out my “chad” or do whatever I need to do to cast my vote. I love my country and I WILL cast my ballot in November for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

    Posted by AmericanMaid | September 4, 2012, 4:19 pm
  5. We are grateful for all those bloggers who encourage and educate us, like the RED PILL. And thank you, Grant, for reminding us of our civic duty. Voting ought to be a habit, rather than an occasional “one issue” statement. However, it would be OK with me if disillusioned and disappointed Democrats just stayed home in November if they don’t have the stomach to vote for the better man. That too would be a statement. We, the People, must take this opportunity to reassert our ownership of our government. If our public servants can’t do the job we hired them to do, we must let them go. (Clint Eastwood)

    Posted by Linus | September 4, 2012, 4:20 pm
  6. P.S. I, too love History and will now wander on over to the “Hankering for History” website. Great article by Mr. Oster and once again, thank you Red Pill for pulling in so many great contributors for us to enjoy and to learn from.

    Posted by AmericanMaid | September 4, 2012, 4:23 pm
  7. Great article and historical background. I am a history buff and any time someone can include a good history lesson in an article I always eat it up. You are right on when it comes to the responsibility we have in this country. I firmly believe that had ALL Americans exercised their right and responsibility 4 years ago, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now. Here is to ALL conservatives everywhere to get out and do your duty this November. Thanks Grant and Red Pill Report.

    Posted by Rob | September 4, 2012, 8:07 pm
  8. This election is a biggie. I hope voter turn out is 100% and will speak to how we want this country led.

    Posted by cheesecloth | September 5, 2012, 1:26 pm

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