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I like Paul Ryan, But…

I have libertarian friends. They approach politics with a winner-take-all mentality. It’s all or nothing. You’re either in or you’re out. You have to agree with them on every issue, all of the time, or you’re not one. If they were at a bar, they’d order rubbing alcohol. They’re the bungee jumpers of politics.

Don’t get me wrong. I love these guys. I agree with a LOT of what they stand for. But my libertarian friends, they’ve never won an election. They hold no special place in Congress, in our judicial system, not even in the Republican Party. They’ve made little progress over the course of our generation. Meanwhile, our country which was once a free democratic republic, now teeters on socialism.

Tom Freiling

Tom Freiling

Why do I bring this up? Because I’m a little miffed at how some conservatives have responded to Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan. By and large, conservatives are happy. Some are already calling him the next Ronald Reagan. But others couch their comments about Ryan with the word “but.” I like Ryan, but. But he did this. But he voted for that. But he didn’t do this. But he believes that. But. But. But.

One of my favorite movies is “What About Bob” starring Bill Murray, and my favorite scenes is when “Bob” learns the magic to resolving his emotional issues – baby steps. One small step at a time. I love this scene because I think it’s funny. But it also offers some truth for us conservatives.

Liberalism (or let’s just say it: socialism) has taken hold in our country, not in a day, a week, a year, or even in a decade, but over a generation. Liberal politicians, judges, lawyers, and activists have taken ten thousand baby steps since FDR (even before). These baby steps have been so small, most Americans didn’t even realize what was happening. And today they don’t realize how absolutely different things are vs. an era ago. Liberals win because they are patient. They take one small step at a time. One bill here, a court decision there, a lawsuit over there. Baby steps toward tyranny.

So I’m annoyed by conservatives who think we can somehow take our country back in one single election. They demand purity on the part of every elected official. Anything less, they toss them out. We eat our own sometimes.

Let’s not do that to Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan reads Ann Rand for heaven’s sake! He’s an accomplished, articulate Congressman who understands Austrian economics. He takes a beating from the national media but even still, he’s stayed the course. Sure he made some bad votes (a few really bad votes). And he’s said a few things we may not like. But it’s guys like Paul Ryan that will help us change course. He’ll listen to us because he’s one of us.

If we’re going to win this thing, we have to realize that victory in politics is incremental. Ronald Reagan understood this. It took a lifetime for him to see the fruits of his labor. At an age when most people retired, he was just starting. Sure he made some big mistakes – even as President. But look what he started!

With Paul Ryan on the ticket, Mitt Romney is now the most important baby step we’ll ever take. Romney took a hard right turn.

You know we won something important Saturday morning, an acknowledgement that the tea party is a powerful political force to be reckon with. The baby steps we took in 2010 have indeed turned into a tidal wave.

Paul Ryan is a very, very important baby step toward freedom. Let’s ALL take this step with him.

Tom Freiling, Patriot Super PAC



5 thoughts on “I like Paul Ryan, But…

  1. I couldn’t agree more. That all-or-nothing mentality delivers another victory to the enemy.

    Posted by Cucciolo | August 13, 2012, 11:19 am
  2. Very well-said, Tom! Paul Ryan isn’t perfect. You won’t find a politician out there that is. But what Paul Ryan represents is fiscal and social conservatism, and the personal integrity to stand up and say what he believes. How refreshing is that in this age of double-speak, sealed records, and party over principle.

    I am extremely pleased with Romney’s selection. Perhaps he understands that in order to accomplish the monumental challenge in front of him, he will need real leaders who are not completely crippled by political correctness. He will need to partner with those who understand that their primary goal is to right the ship–not get re-elected. Paul Ryan will give it to America straight…and that’s exactly what we need.

    Posted by Red Pill Report | August 14, 2012, 2:29 am
  3. Excellent article. As Red Pill indicated, we will not find a perfect politician out there. We are on board with Romneys selection of Paul Ryan. This is such an important election coming up, and I am excited to cast my vote for the Romney/Paul ticket.

    Posted by AmericanMaid | August 14, 2012, 5:37 am
  4. This article should be required reading for every Republican, conservative, Independent and Libertarian. If we insist on perfection, we’ll lose far more that just the election. Too much hangs in the balance to withhold our vote from the Romney/Ryan ticket because we don’t like where Romney once stood or some of the pieces of the Ryan budget or how much money Romney has. Our America is headed over the falls and if we don’t turn things around, it will be too late to save it.

    Posted by Gladys | August 14, 2012, 10:55 am
  5. I never dared hope that Romney (whom I’ve supported throughout the primaries) would pick Ryan. I was so thrilled when the rumors were spreading that Friday night I couldn’t sleep! It’s a great pick and yes, I can see him being another Reagan. Great article!

    Posted by Moira Fitzgerald | August 18, 2012, 1:46 pm

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